Vegan Daal with rice
Vegan Daal with rice
Vegan Daal with rice
Vegan Daal with rice
Vegan Daal with rice
Vegan Daal with rice

Vegan Daal with rice

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Vegan Daal with rice.

Classic Daal made with green and red lentils in a rich sauce with ginger, curry and coconut milk. steamed rice and big chunks of spinach. Enjoy this vegan Daal a true classic from the Indian cuisine.

Serving size 522 g calories pr. serving 644 kcal.

ECO Dish with lentils, butternut squash, spinach & rice - freeze-dried

 Ingredients: For 100 g dry product are used 49 g lentils* (red, green), 28 g rice*, 26 g butternut squash*, onion*, rapeseed oil*, coconut extract*, 17 g spinach*, salt, apple vinegar*, ginger juice*, curry* (contains mustard), garlic*, carrot*, leek*, cauliflower*, parsley*, broccoli*, fennel*, savoy cabbage*, celery*, sugar*, turmeric*, chili*, spices*.

* = organic

Allergy information: May contain traces of wheat and barley.

Preparation: Open pouch, remove oxygen absorber, add 380 ml boiling water. Zip pouch thoroughly, leave for 10 min. Stir & enjoy.

Size: 142 g

Serving size: 522 g

Calories pr. serving: 644 kcal.

Næringsindhold/Näringsvärde/Durchschnittliche Nährwerte/Nutrition values per/pro 100 g tilberedt/tillagad/zubereitet/prepared:


 516 kJ/123 kcal


 4,2 g

– heraf mættede fedtsyrer/varav mättat fett/

   davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/of which saturates

0,7 g


  16 g

– heraf sukkerarter/varav sockerarter/davon Zucker/of which sugars

1,0 g


  4,4 g


  0,95 g